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Natalija Chernetskaja


Golden Prague
Natalija Chernetskaja was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1963. She graduated from the Moscow Industrial Art College as a specialist for textile decoration. She's got much experience working at the factory "Art list". Then she continued her artistic education in the Textile Institute.

She is working in various techniques – watercolor, oil, batik. Batik is supposed to be a favorite one despite being the most complicated and hard technique. But this technique allows getting multicolor drawings, even the most complicated. Natalija Chernetskaja works in both hot and cold batik. The hot batik technique uses hot paraffin for making flat figures. The main reserving substance in cold batik is rubber glue. As against art of "pure" painting batik technique allows to make experiments constantly in achieving all new and new tricks and new various effects.
Works by Natalija Chernetskaja are in private collections in Russia, Europe and the United States.

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