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Paul Kaminski

Being a German by his ancestry and born in Karaganda, Kazahstan, in 1961, Paul Kaminski lives and works in Wolfsburg, Germany since 1993.
His only art education was received at the studio of Valentin Golod, the extraordinary artist who was Paul's teacher for more than 10 years.
Probably, the geography of his life, including the Kazah steps and the industrial city where the biggest car plant in Europe is situated, influenced the variety of his styles – from minimalist abstractions to very poetic works with Spanish women and couples dating at cafe.
His works are perfect decoration for any interior. They can be found in British Victorian style houses and in apartments with contemporary Italian design.
Every single moment of Paul's life is art. Being an established artist, he gives classes of painting to people from his town, and promotes projects to make Wolfsburg more beautiful, working on design of bus stops and city lighting.
Paul Kaminski is mostly known in Germany, where he held over 20 solo exhibitions during past ten years, but his every appearance at the art scenes of France, Ireland, Switzerland and other European countries was extremely successful.
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