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Serhiy Reznichenko

Serhiy Reznichenko was born on October 30, 1968 in Cherkassy region. He graduated from Vira Mukhina State Art-Industrial college in St. Petersburg, speciality - monumental painting. He is a member of the Ukrainian National Society of Artists.

Hi has taken part in exhibitions, main of them:
2007 VI International Exhibition "EROS MOSCOW", Moscow, Russia
2007 "Taming of Eros", gallery "GREEN SOFA", Lviv, Ukraine
2006 XI Moscow Art Fair of ART ARENA MANEGE, Moscow, Russia
2006 gallery "ZUZUK', personal exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic
2006 Gallery "Perve", Lisbon, Portugal
2006 Gallery "Art-blues", personal exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine
2006 "ART Kyiv", Central House of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
2005 "Territory of Soul", Central House of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
2005 "Tadzio" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2005 "Spring-2005", Lviv, Ukraine
2005 "Prostor" Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine
2004 Royal Exhibition Hall, Jordanian, Amman
2004 gallery "Konstantin Brankuzy" in the House of Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
2004 "MIART" gallery, Limassol, Cyprus
2003 gallery "Tadzio", personal exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine
2003 "Manege" (spring), Central House of Art, Moscow, Russia
2002 gallery "ZUZUK", Prague, Czech Republic
2002 Biennale "Silver square", Przemyśl, Poland
2002 "Mopo" gallery, auction "Contemporary Ukrainian Art", Kyiv, Ukraine
2002 "Ukrainian Art 1991-2002", Central House of Art, Moscow, Russia
2002 "Manege" (autumn), Central House of Art, Moscow, Russia
2002 "Hetmanship Museum", personal exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 Triennial of painting, Central House of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 Exhibition "13", Lviv, Ukraine
2001 "To the XXI century with art", Lviv, Ukraine
2001 "Independence Day", Kyiv, Ukraine
2001 "blizniemu swemu…2002", Poland
2000 "Parsuna 2000", Lviv, Ukraine
2000 "Art on Turn of Century", Lviv picture gallery, Ukraine
1999 "Kler" design studio, Lviv, Ukraine
1998-2002 "Autumn salon" International Autumn art gallery (diploma-98,02), Lviv, Ukraine
1998 Triennial of painting, Central House of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine
1998 Lviv, Odessa, Ukraine - Poland (Ukrainian culture days)
1998 Biennale "Silver Square", Przemyśl, Poland
1997 personal exhibition, Palace of arts, Lviv, Ukraine
1995 Exhibition 5 man, Lviv National Museum, Ukraine
1994 Lviv picture gallery, personal exhibition, Lviv, Ukraine
1992 Russia Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
1990 The Museum of Ethnography, St. Petersburg, Russia
1989 The Academy of Arts, Odense, Denmark

The artist's works are kept in collections of Lviv picture gallery, National Museum in Lviv,
Lviv Palace of Arts and Museum of contemporary art in Ukraine (Kyiv).

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