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This is a short message that we have received the paintings in perfect order. Thank you very much for this smooth transaction. We love the paintings, especially Thinking and dreaming (Zuzuk) and Beautiful Hat (Belsky). * * * The paintings are terrific.. The odd thing is the "dreaming" Zuzuk is just like us.. Almost a self portrait! Thank you again.. Do keep us updated.

Mark & Emma, London, United Kingdom


When I visited the Art Master Gallery in Prague I was impressed by most all of the art work and wanted to purchase a few, but did not have enough money with me. So when I returned the states I contacted the gallery and they informed me that they could easily process my transaction and have the painting to me quickly. Yes, I was hesitant doing everything over the internet- but I did it anyways because they seemed to be nice people and I really wanted the paintings. So I went ahead and purchased the paintings while getting quick feedback and correspondence via email and fax letting me know where we were in the process the entire time. I received the paintings quickly and in perfect condition as well as certificates of authenticity I hadn't even thought about or asked for. Thanks again!!

James J Canull, USA


Following a visit to Prague, I wanted more of the pieces I had found at this wonderful gallery. Through email and fax I was able to acquire the pieces I desired. Service was prompt and delivery condition was perfect. The communications of 2002 allowed me to easily select what I needed. I will definitely use the gallery again as they have a very intriguing collection of contemporary art. I was extremely pleased!!

Cindy Ruma, Omaha, Nebraska, USA


Besides offering many fine pieces to choose from, the gallery is staffed with helpful agents ready to assist you in your decision. I live in Texas--half way across the globe from Prague--and did my browsing on the web, but the gallery was still able to give quickly me the information I required and safely ship the painting I ordered to my home. I recommend dealing with them.

Ben Stroud, USA

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Pavel Nikolayev
Great Luck

Svitlana Karunska

Serhiy Reznichenko
White Cat

Nina Reznichenko

Alexey Terenin
Simple Geometry

Alexander Shibniov